Dr. Rogers Takes Texas Tech (SOON)!

Congratulations to Christy! Recently, she accepted a faculty position at Texas Tech University, beginning this upcoming fall. Before she continues her line of research there, studying sibling relationships, she is currently in the process of figuring out what to name her lab, which is exciting within itself. Kudos, again!

It’s Hiring Season!

We are looking for two post-baccalaureates who are interested in cutting-edge psychological/neuroscience research involving a unique adolescent population. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have plans to attend grad school and are interested in gaining research experience. Please visit the “Join Us” section of the site for more information and links to the applications!

Brain Academy Fall 2018

This past Friday, our lab hosted Brain Academy, an extension of UNC’s Tar Heel Preview Day–and it was a blast! Local teens had fun interacting with (actual) sheep brains, understanding the brain, and becoming familiar with EEG and fMRI. Check out the gallery for more pictures!

Natasha Visits Venice, Italy!


Dr. Duell attended the Adolescent Brain Workshop hosted by the Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies (NSAS), organized by Dr. Laurence Steinberg–her former advisor. Speakers were: BJ Casey, Ron Dahl, Sarah-Jane Blakemore, and Eveline Crone.  Other attendees included neuroscientists, researchers, clinical practitioners, and lawyers from all across the world (England, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, US, Uruguay). Molto bene, Natasha!

DSNLab Attends FLUX 2018

A few members of the DSNLab attended this year’s FLUX Conference in Berlin, Germany. Jorien, one of DSNLab’s alumni, also attended and rejoined with everyone! Dr. Telzer spoke during the event on the “Underrepresentation of Cultural Diversity and High-Risk Samples in Research on Adolescent Motivational Processes” and why this is problematic for our understanding of fundamental neural processes.

Welcome, New Team Members!

First-year graduate students Nathan Jorgensen and Seh-Joo Kwon and post-doctoral fellow Natasha Duell have entered the lab! Welcome aboard, teammates! We are happy to have you become a part of the DSNLab family and wish you fortune and success as researchers in the lab.

See You Soon, Jorien and Tae-Ho!

The DSNLab has experienced a change in dynamics regarding  lab personnel within the past two months. Recently, our two post-docs, Jorien and Tae-Ho, have made their grand departure.  Dr. van Hoorn returns to the Netherlands as she continues her research there; Dr. Lee will be at Virginia Tech this fall, starting his first year as a professor. We wish you two the best of fortune, and you both will always be a part of the DSNLab family!

See You Soon, Sus!

Goodbyes are permanent, and so a “See you later” suffices. Our lab manager, Susannah Ivory, is off to graduate school at Penn State University this fall, specializing in I/O Psychology. Her dedication to her work within the lab is both admirable and exemplary. See you soon, future Dr. Ivory! You will forever be a part of the DSNLab family!

See You Soon, Carina!

Our beloved Carina is leaving us to go on to experience the grad-school life! To celebrate, we went to Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery. She will be attending Duke University this fall, specializing in clinical psychology. We will see you later, Dr. Fowler! You are forever a part of the DSNLab family!

Eva Telzer