Flux Congress presentations 2016 in St. Louis

Congratulations to the members from our lab who will be presenting at the annual Flux CongressĀ on SeptemberĀ 8-10 in St. Louis, MO!

  • Lee, T.H., Miernicki, M., & Telzer, E.H.: Resting-state connectome similarity in mother-child dyads and its impact on emotional synchrony
  • McCormick, E.M. & Telzer, E.H.: Two roads diverge: context-specific outcomes associated with decreased neural sensitivity to negative feedback during adolescence.
  • Perino, M.T., Guassi Moreira, J.F., & Telzer, E.H.: Different strokes: How social context differentially influences inhibitory failures in normative and high-risk adolescents.
  • Guassi Moreira, J.F., & Telzer, E.H.: Tracking longitudinal changes of maternal influence on adolescent neurocognition during risk- taking
  • Do, K.T., McCormick, E.M., & Telzer, E.H.: Parents versus peers: Characterizing the neural correlates of conflicting social influence on adolescent attitudes