DSNLab Presents at SRA in Minneapolis Minnesota

Members of the DSNLab recently presented on exciting new research projects at the Society for Research on Adolescence biennial meeting in Minneapolis, MN. Below you will find a sampling of the posters and talks presented by our researchers.


Do, K.T., Guassi Moreira, J.F., van Hoorn, J., & Telzer, E.H. Taking risks to help others: An experimental study of “prosocial risk taking” in late adolescents.

Rogers, C. R., McCormick, E., Van Hoorn, J., & Telzer, E. H. Siblings and the teenage brain: Sibling closeness and birth order modulate adolescent neural activity during safe decision-making.

van Hoorn, J., McCormick, E., Rogers, C.R., Perino, M., & Telzer, E.H. Risk-taking behavior and peer effects in high-risk youth: A developmental neuroscience perspective.


Do, K.T., McCormick, E.M., & Telzer, E.H. Is blood thicker than water? How conflicting parent and peer attitudes influence the neural correlates of adolescent conformity.

Rogers, C. R., Perino, M., & Telzer, E. H. And again, mothers know best: Promoting adolescent inhibition in socially positive contexts.