Undergrad RAs Present on Independent Projects

We are very excited to announce that three of our undergraduate research assistants have recently presented on their independent research projects!

Cassidy Fry traveled to The University of Central Oklahoma to present her research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. In her project, Cassidy investigated the role of sibling support as a buffer between family conflict and internalizing symptoms in adolescents. She has been working on this research as a part of the Carolina Sibling Study with her mentor, Dr. Christy Rogers, for over a year.

Additionally, two of our undergrad RAs presented at the UNC Celebration of Undergraduate Research. They both started these projects during the summer of 2017, and refined their ideas as a part of the 395 research course at UNC.

Melissa Burroughs investigated the relationship between daily peer exclusion, school functioning, and cortisol patterns in adolescents. Melissa was mentored on this project by postdoctoral fellow Dr. Jorien van Hoorn.

Charlie Wright examined the role of intimate self-disclosure as a central aspect of adolescent well-being. Graduate student Paul Sharp mentored Charlie as he has worked on this project.

We are very proud of our undergraduate RAs for exploring their own research questions in the lab. Way to go Cassidy, Charlie, and Melissa!