DSN Lab Presentations at SAN Conference in Los Angeles

Congratulations to the lab members that presented at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society in Los Angeles.

Do, K.T. & Telzer, E.H.: Helping us vs. them: The neural correlates of costly helping to ingroups and outgroups in youth.

Qu, Y., Lin, L., & Telzer, E.H.: Culture modulates the neural mechanisms underlying risky exploration.

Van Hoorn, J., McCormick, E.M., & Telzer, E.H.: Social learning and adaptive risk-taking in adolescence: Evidence from brain and behavior.

Ivory, S.L., McCormick, E.M., & Telzer, E.H.: Can’t fight this feeling: The impact of emotional faces on adolescents’ cognitive control.

Lee, T., Qu, Y., & Telzer, E.H.: Love flows downstream: A neural pattern similarity approach to perception of pain in self and family.

Lin, L., Qu, Y., & Telzer, E.H.: Social and cultural influences on the neural mechanisms of emotion regulation.