DSNLab Presentations at the 2017 Flux Congress in Portland

Congratulations to all of lab members who presented at this year’s Flux Congress in Portland, OR!

Fowler, C.H., Lin, L.C., & Telzer, E.H. Like me back: Experiencing victimization influences youths’ neural response when predicting evaluation from liked peers.

McCormick, E.M., van Hoorn, J., & Telzer, E.H. Functional network organization of the social brain in childhood and adolescence.

Perino, M.T., Moreira, J.F.G., & Telzer, E.H. These violent delights have violent ends. Neural correlates of aggression selectivity in delinquent youth based on differential motivations.

Rogers, C. R., McCormick, E., van Hoorn, J., & Telzer, E. H. “No, don’t do it!” Neural correlates of sibling closeness during risky decision-making.

van Hoorn, J., Shablack, H., Lindquist, K.A., & Telzer, E.H. Beyond dual systems: Evidence from a neuroimaging meta-analysis to incorporate the social context into model of adolescent decision-making.