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DSN research featured in CNS News and Illinois News Bureau

DSN Lab director Eva Telzer’s research on the development of children’s brain responses to opposite-sex faces is featured on Cognitive Neuroscience Society News and the University of Illinois News Bureau.

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University of Illinois News Bureau: “Amygdala encodes ‘cooties’ and ‘crushes’ in the developing brain”

CNS News: “How the Developing Brain Moves from Cooties to Crushes”

Illinois News Bureau - Amygdala Activity


New article featured in science press

Our newest paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (PNAS) by Eva Telzer and colleagues has been featured in a number of scientific press and news outlets, including The Atlantic, The American Scholar, University of Illinois News Bureau, NSF News from the Field, U.S. News, and WCIA Local News.

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WCIA Local News: “New Ways to Stop Teen Depression”

U.S. News: “Altruism May Help Shield Teens From Depression”

NSF News from the Field: “Altruistic Adolescents Less Likely to Become Depressed”

University of Illinois News Bureau: “Altruistic Adolescents Less Likely to Become Depressed”

The American Scholar: “Get Happy: It’s Not a Universal Pursuit”

The Atlantic: “Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain From Depression”